American Idol Will Look Fixed if Jessica Sanchez wins

Jessica Sanchez can no longer win American Idol Season 11, or the program will appear fixed. And that would cause the public to lose interest in what has been, for ten years, an intriguing program controlled entirely by public votes once the field narrows to twelve potential victors.

From the very beginning of Season 11, Idol judges Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, and especially Jennifer Lopez lavished extraordinary praise on the 16-year-old pop singer from San Diego county. And veteran record-executive Jimmy Iovine, Idol coach to the fledgling stars, proclaimed months ago that he would sign Sanchez to a contract “right now, tonight.”

Certainly, the young chanteuse is preternaturally seasoned at the technical aspects of tackling pop anthems, and has immense vocal talents. But her song choices are rarely fresh or young or toe-tapping fun.

More important, Jessica Sanchez falls far behind five of the other six contestants (equally young Hollie is the exception) in expressing actual emotions while singing, or in connecting with the TV audience. In fact, the sweet, pretty songtress rarely peeks into the camera lenses at all. Shyness, perhaps?

Last night, TV viewers voted Jessica Sanchez, an America’s Got Talent contestant at age eleven, off the 7-person American Idol island. I wasn’t much surprised, and obviously, most of the TV audience felt likewise. She felt to me like the least likable, least appealing singer on the stage this week.

The judges were astonished, of course. Deeply astonished. That’s to be expected, given their blind devotion to Ms. Sanchez, to the exclusion of contestants savvier at touching viewer sentiments.

But what happened on last night’s elimination program was also astonishing in its arrogant disregard of voting viewers: Jessica didn’t have to follow program rules, as did all other eliminated contestants. The judges deemed her above the rules that govern the remainder of Idol wannabes.

In tears, young Jessica began to “sing for her survival,” when the judges, led by Lopez, stormed the stage, commenting that America was wrong, that it was “ridiculous” that she had been voted out. They felt it was beneath Jessica to have to sing for the “save.”

“Vote for Jessica,” Lopez repeatedly shrieked to the cameras. “She’s one of the best singers in America!” Randy and Steven nodded in agreement, as they all huddled around as if crowning the Chosen One, hugging, comforting and slavishly complimenting her.

Huh? What happened to mentoring and supporting all seven Idol hopefuls? What happened to respecting program viewers? What happened to objectivity? Do the judges really believe that uncritical slobbering over any young singer-in-progress is constructive? Helpful to Jessica?

I feel badly for Jessica Sanchez, who, in truth, was the big loser last night.

Of course, the judges should have saved her. But they should have done so with fairness and consideration for all seven contestants, and they should have done so with thoughtful objectivity.

Instead, Sanchez now carries the aura of the Chosen One, a heavy mantle that could damn her chances of prevailing at the top. Should Jessica Sanchez win America Idol Season 11, her victory will always be tainted with suspicions that the vote was fixed.

And the judges are apparently annoyed that America isn’t smart enough to agree with their choice.

Is this any way to treat an audience?

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15 Responses to American Idol Will Look Fixed if Jessica Sanchez wins

  1. Old Guy says:

    You have a good perspective. I stopped wathching last year because the few exceptions that make it to a degree are exceptions. Three come to mind quickly and where are the rest?

  2. SeacoastSteven says:

    Deborah, i found your blog when i Googled… “Jessica Sanchez” arrogant ….and i’m glad i did.

    i’m very impressed with your lucid analysis of how the judges disrespected America, the voters, the process AND the other contestants!! You actually highlighted several things i had not previously considered or understood. I was bothered by how they handled “THE save” but i couldn’t focus my feelings why.. until i read your article. I generally can segment my thoughts pretty well but i admit i was caught off guard and confused by the multidimensional layers of what happened. i COMPLETELY MISSED how the judges also disrespected the other contestants in how poorly this was handled.

    Personally i couldn’t have been happier about Jessica ending up at the bottom. YES she has an amazing voice but her vain, materialistic, arrogant attitude is perhaps even more important to me than her voice. Over the past few weeks i have had fleeting moments where i was actually offended or repulsed by Jessica.. and in particular her attitude. She has a gorgeous figure and style, clearly an amazing voice but i need a complete package and for me this year that package is Joshua.

    i hope this WAS a message from America. i have a gut feeling the message will be sent again.

    Thanks for listening.

  3. Tami Mochizuki says:

    It’s easy to call someone in Idol “arrogant” or “cocky” when they receive a lot of praise and are one of the judge’s favorites (Their most favorite seem to be Joshua based on the number of standing Ovations he’s got as well as what Jennifer told Jessica that she should perform more like Joshua).

    I’ve been wondering why exactly people are saying she’s cocky, her motto is “Work hard, stay humble.”. Despite knowing that she got the lowest votes, she still said “I’ve been working hard all my life.” An arrogant person wouldn’t say that, they would be likely to defend themselves and say something along the lines of “I didn’t show America everything yet.”. Arrogant people don’t work hard, they won’t take this competition seriously (Jessica is known among the contestants as the most serious one who needs to relax and smile more). After the save she told her fans in facebook “Really got to step up my game now right?” which means she acknowledges the things she might have done wrong in the previous weeks. An arrogant person wouldn’t do that and defend themselves by saying “I’m just being myself.” (I won’t name names), and do the same thing week after week, whereas Jessica keeps surprising us (except with one performance–How Will I Know).

    Jessica is obviously an Introvert Ms. White. The Judges got carried away apparently and wasn’t fair with the other contestants, I wish you would stop blaming it on her. She kept saying “Oh gosh, oh my gosh, gosh” (Still Rolling video, check it out in Idol) as she was leaving the stage while putting her left hand close to her thumping heart, which is an indication that she might not have expected them to save her tonight and thought she was really gonna’ be eliminated, when Ryan gave her the mic she held it a lot tightly than she usually did which expresses nervousness. Arrogant?!

    People always try to find holes around great people, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley….people find it hard to accept the fact that they are great and are blessed with so many great things in life. People saying she’s cocky and materialistic just proves her greatness.

    At that level it’s hard to not be cocky, but arrogance is according to Romans 12:3 –think yourself more highly than you ought. She has the right to be proud of herself, but just enough to give her the confidence to sing again.

    “He who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself, will be exalted…”

    this is true in all aspects of life. And her having reached this far and gaining the most fans in facebook (116,000 so far) and constantly getting six digit views in youtube. She’s accomplished a lot and she has the right to be proud of herself, or giver herself “a pat on the back” (I was taught to do this in school why can’t we do it out of school).

    I understand her, she’s an introvert. I suggest you read Quiet by Susan Cain who has written for New York Times as well (That’s a best-seller book). That’s her personality and I believe that’s what got her to accomplish so much. Don’t reply to me without reading that book.

    My family never payed much attention to American Idol since Kelly Clarkson (I used to look up her videos until 5 am). Jessica Sanchez came and just got us hooked. The voting system of AI is stupid. Who has time and energy to vote 50 times using 20 different facebook accounts? I’m sure you know the group of people I’m referring to. Who’s good with computers and cellphones? And who has time to watch TV after a day? Not many in the city I’m sure.

    It doesn’t matter if Jessica gets eliminated, she doesn’t need this show, this show needs her. I mean, she got people who never watch AI to watch it (those who aren’t used to voting). All my friends in school are suddenly talking about AI (they didn’t last season). Besides the crowned Idols are forgettable except for KC (and KC only appears on the radio every now and then).

    Suddenly the site is receiving 3ooo+ comments after Jessica got the lowest votes.

    I can kinda see who’se gonna be crowned Idol in this season, and it’s not Jessica. Just use the past idols as your reference. Maybe Colton or Philip Philips, but not Jessica.

  4. Toongee says:

    Completely useless blog! one single conclusion, you wish you had what Jessica Sanchez has and you don’t. Arrogant! Geez, bottom 7, you are delusional. Its a singing competition. Am sure you voted that boring, terrible singing Scott that won last season. Then again you must be really Crazee!

  5. FinnyD says:

    Deborah, I couldn’t agree with you more. I have watch AI since the very beginning, though I admit that last year was ridiculously bad. The talent this season is much better, varied, and refreshing. The judges on the other hand are completely useless. I fast forward their comments more often than not because they offer very little. Thank God the producers recognized this weakness and have brought in clips of Jimmy Iovine who brings only worthwhile, and much needed, critical comments.

    Have completely agree that Jessica Sanchez fails to connect to viewers. I don’t care what you sound like if I find you annoying. In this regard, I feel like the judges have done Sanchez a disservice. By disrespecting the other contestants and raving about her, I find myself quite annoyed and routing against her. It’s not all the judges fault. While the judges may be responsible for my initial feelings, Sanchez could easily turn those feeling around if she was able to connect with the audience. At least for me, she fails to do so. And agree or disagree, from my point of view, of the remaining contestants, she is the one I was to see go away next.

    And the judges have only themselves to blame. The judges are condescending to the viewer as if their opinions matter more. What the judges fail to acknowledge is that every person connects to artists for different reasons. Some singers you find yourself routing for because of their story, or they are an underdog, or maybe you like their stage presence. Maybe you find them attractive, quirky, unique, etc. Whatever the case, there are any number of numerous reasons why someone may connect with a singer. Would anyone really say they like Bob Dylan because he has the best voice in the world? Probably not. I think Joshua is extremely talented and I would like to see him do well, but I don’t vote for him simply because I can see myself buying his album. There any many things, that go into creating an American Idol. Voice is important, but it doesn’t completely trump personality and that “It” factor. I’d rather listen to Jackie Evancho (America’s Got Talent) any day over Jessica Sanchez. And even Susan Boyle, who was lacking in personality, but had an “other worldly” moment on AGT. I don’t know if others feel the way I do, but I think the judges would help Sanchez’s cause if they would dial it down a notch and let America decide for themselves. I can’t stand the way it feels like she is being force fed to me. And then the way the judges insult me (& I assume other viewers) for not loving her.

  6. erik says:

    I feel badly for Jessica Sanchez, who, in truth, was the big loser last night. — That’s a hilarious statement you just made. Please don’t feel badly for Jessica and never label her as a “loser”… she will be just fine, she can handle a little drama. Also, she was never in tears plus they all knew they were going to be saved, because the judges said so! Please be accurate on your information next time. Here’s the deal, YOU have to be open minded and unbias to assess the whole situation. IF you are a Jessica fan, all is good for Jessica because win or lose you know she is the best talent in the group. For the other idols fans you probably feel you were ignored the way the judges adores Jessica, but it is what it is, the judges are there to pick who they think is the best American Idol and all three agrees it is Jessica so just leave it at that. And for the other idols hopeful? just be happy you are still competing because remember you owe it to the judges for being where you are now! And for this writer? you should be more mature and not over react. You are being immature and over dramatic on your assesment of what happened.

  7. 19unbiased69 says:

    Your critique of “the save” and its repercussions were bang on. It’s funny to see the Jessica fans lash out at your commentary. For the record, when I saw them get down to the final 24, I firmly believed that Jessica was the most talented person of the 24 and would probably win the competition. I still believe she is technically one of the most talented singers the show has ever seen and that she can still win. But you’re right. If anyone screwed up Jessica’s chances of winning, J-LO and Randy should take responsibility. The pity-fest that they gave Jessica on stage was frankly embarrassing. If there was any moment in the show when the producers and judges showed their true colours as to how “unbiased” the show is trying to be, it was then.

    The only two contestants that the judges have actually said out loud “they should be in the final” its Jessica and Joshua. Everyone else has received almost insulting criticisms, especially from J-LO … who by the way, if you notice J-LO has gotten really nasty since her breakup with Marc Anthony. Something tells me single-dom doesn’t bode well with the girl from the block.

    And to those who like to keep calling this a singing competition, stop before you embarrass yourself further. This isn’t a singing competition. Its a popularity contest with the contestants being singers. Last year was a perfect example of that. Scotty was NOT a better singer than either Lauren or Haley. But he locked down the “little girl vote” and that was all he needed to win. If this were a singing competition, Phillip would have been eliminated weeks ago. His constipated vein-popping growling that he does on stage is almost never on stage, but it is a good show. And in the end, people are voting him through because of that. Elise was hands-down a better singer and had better stage presence than Phillip.

    You’re right. If Jessica wins, her win will be forever tainted by the obvious favouritsm she has gotten from the judges. She could fart into the microphone and the judges would shower her with praise. Phillip DOES fart into the microphone and he also gets showered with praise. Joshua screams into the microphone and gets showered with praise. Is there any question as to who the judges would like to see in the finale?

    Do I think Hollie should win? Probably not. She definitely has a bit of stage fright. And she’s working hard to do more connecting with the audience emotionally. But those things aside, she has a fantastic voice. And she doesn’t deserve the constant verbal abuse she gets doled upon by J-LO. I just about laughed when I heard J-LO critique one performance a few weeks ago and she said (and I quote) “We’ll see how that works out for you.” Those were supposed to be words of support and encouragement? And guess what? That was the week Hollie WASN’T in the bottom three and Jessica was voted to the bottom. So I guess J-LO isn’t as good at finding what Americans want as she thinks she is.

    Yes J-Lo. We’ll see how that works out for her. I hope you’re prepared for the fact that no-one the judges have EVER saved has ever won the competition.

  8. R U kiddin me says:

    Jessica should not be in the final and I think it is fixed. They want a mexican girl to win to stay politically correct. Josh and Phillip are miles better then her and she should not be in the finals. She was pitchy in all her songs the other night, and I think Holly and Skyler were a lot better. I smell a rat. She needs to go home.

  9. Brenda says:

    If Jessica Sanchez wins American Idol,Idol has signed its own destruction on TV.What happened to just the viewers voting?That concept worked, and then in the last couple of years, someone got the brainstorm to save a contestant.If you want saving,don’t be on a show that is voting strictly from the viewers.Jessica is not nearly as talented as Phillip,but yet she is is gushed over.I think the other contestants were disrespected.To me this is no different than fixing a game show.Shame on you American Idol!If she wins illegally,I will not be watching American Idol again.

  10. hyazinth says:

    really this discussion is pointless. as u put it the viewers is entitled 2 their own opininion, bt how about the judges, aren’t they entitled 2? i dn’t think so! and why put the blame on that poor gal, she didn’t ask for them to do that. anyway thats ur opinion 2. u r very much entitled to that. it just shows that u can’t put a goo gal down, eh… u can’t changed the fact that she was saved. and that’s the most justifiable “SAVE” they used so far for she soooooooo deserved it one way or another. Nobody can question me bcuz it’s my opinion also……..

  11. joseph says:

    Ive picked 5 idols out of 12 the others I did not tune in. Picked both ladies/Jessica will blossom as the best ever wheather she wins or looses she just 16 . Connect with teeny boppers who can not get past a gitar and a smile.? Thats America teens, to be expected. She is the best in years GO JESSICA YOU GOT MY VOTE

  12. alena says:

    I know this is late but I don’t really think that Jessica winning would be a fix she had one of the best voices on that show and Phillip wasn’t better than Jessica at all. I would agree with the people who were saying this wasn’t a singing competition because if it was Jessica would of won and Phillip would of not even made it in the top 5. I think most of the people stop caring who can sing or not the just care about the popularity and I think J-Lo, Randy, and Steven all Favorited the top 3.

  13. : natalie says:

    What r u people talking about? Jessica had a beautiful powerful voice! I agree Joshua had a very soulful voice too and he should have been in the top 2. (I cant disagree) but Phillip sounded flat every time he sang. Also I think the audience is full of young teenage girls because the past 2 years country boy singers have won. Just a little hint for wanna be contestants who are guys go country!

  14. wth are you talking about says:

    Look at the last few AI winners… what do they all have in common? They’re all white males who can play the guitar. Looks to me like AI chooses teen heart throbs.

  15. raf says:

    So I guess the same thing is happening this Season with Amber all the heaps of praise week after week; the difference of course is that Jessica’s praise was warranted.

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